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Cookie Policy

Cookies Policy

Extended cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent from the visited websites to the users devices; there, they are stored
and retransmitted to the sites themselves during next browsings. Cookies have different purposes,
different characteristics and may be used by both the own of the site visited and third parties.
information about the cookies installed in this website are provided below.
For further information about cookies and their general functions, please visit an informative
website as allaboutcookies.org.

How do we use cookies?
The use of cookies by the title holder of this website, Associazione Rondine Cittadella della Pace –
Loc. Rondine, 1 – 52100 Arezzo (AR) – through its pro tempore legal representative, is within the
frame of its Privacy Policy; for all information required by Article 13 of the (EU) Regulation
1. Technical cookies not requiring user consent:
All technical cookies do not require the user consent, therefore they are automatically installed after
the access to the website.
Alternative 1
This website does not use technical cookies.
Alternative 2
This website uses the following technical cookies or comparable non-technical cookies not
requiring the user consent:
1.1 Cookies related to the correct functioning of the website and to the provision of the service:
PHPSESSID Session technical
cookie Used by the site to identify the current session
Resolution Session technical
Used by the site to detect the browser resolution and allow a
better contents visualisation
1.2. Cookies related to preferences storage and optimisation:
DisplayCookieBar Session technical
Used to store the user acceptance of the cookie policy. This
avoids the banner visualisation during next browsings.
2. Cookies requiring the user constent
All cookies differing from the above-mentioned technical cookies are installed or activated only
after the explicit consent of the user during the first visit on the website.
This website does not install third-party cookies requiring the explicit user consent.
Indeed, concerning third-party analytical cookies, the title holders shall not be subject to any
obligations in case :
A) tools reducing the cookies identificative power are used (such as masking significant IP portions
– anonymisation);
B) the third party commits not to compare the information contained inside cookies with
information already obtained.
In order to fulfil the requirements mentioned above on points A) and B):
A) the IP anonymisation of the Google Analytics cookies has been accomplished according to
the instructions reported by Google on the following link:
B) the deactivation of the sharing of Google-collected data has been accomplished according to
the instructions reported by Google on the following link: