The Principality of Monaco signs the Leaders for Peace campaign launched by Rondine Citadel of Peace on December 10 2018 at the United Nations. The signing took place today at the headquarters of the Principality’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in the presence of Foreign Minister Isabelle Berro-Amadeï and Rondine’s president and founder Franco Vaccari.

With the Leaders for Peace campaign, Rondine asks each of the member states of the United Nations to dedicate a symbolic amount to the formation of new global leaders capable of intervening in the world’s major war contexts to promote the development of peaceful social and political relations. An aspect to which Monegasque institutions, through the Coopération monégasque au développement, have always devoted great attention.

By signing the Principality of Monaco further consolidates its alliance with Rondine, pledging to disseminate the Rondine Method on creative conflict transformation particularly in national education systems and in contexts where conflict constitutes an obstacle to integral human development and universal human rights.

With this signature, the government of Monaco – reads the official note of the Principality, in the person of Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Isabelle Berro-Amadeï –, reaffirms its willingness to support initiatives aimed at promoting peace on a global scale and reducing armed conflicts.

The signature is the fruit of a more than ten-year relationship between Arezzo and the Principality of Monaco, which had its beginnings as early as the summer of 1968, with the historic visit of Princess Grace to La Verna, the place of St. Francis that has also inspired the birth of Rondine. Here some young people, together with a large group of Monegasque scouts, welcomed the Princess who was fascinated by these unique places full of humanity.

«The one with the Principality of Monaco is a friendship that has been ongoing for many years also thanks to the invaluable support of Rondine’s ambassadors, Ritalba and Giuseppe Spinetta, and supporters from Monaco who appreciate and support the work done by the Citadel because they have grasped the importance of supporting young peace leaders. And we are proud to be able to count among Rondine’s supporters also the Monegasque Cooperation, which has allowed us to host in Rondine many students from Africa and the Middle East, who are now engaged in important assignments and projects of social impact in their countries», said Rondine’s President Franco Vaccari.

A path of friendship and collaboration that in 2012 and 2017 has brought to Monaco the testimony of the international youth of the World House – International Studentato of Rondine through events that have focused on the experiences, stories and conflicts they live, the relationship with the ‘enemy’ and the concrete steps to build peace, along with the presence of testimonials such as the singer Noa and high-level artistic moments.

Today’s signing – which now joins the endorsements of Pope Francis, President Mattarella, the governments of Italy and Costa Rica, and the president of the European Economic and Social Committee up to the recognition to Rondine of Special Consultative Status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council – prepared with the care that needs to be taken to facilitate every possible step toward peace among individuals and populations, which is increasingly compromised, had a preliminary meeting in the village near Arezzo on Wednesday, June 21st, with the visit of the Ambassador of the Principality of Monaco to Italy, S. E. Anne Eastwood, who had already participated in April at the presentation of Rondine’s social report at the Chamber of Deputies, where she had the opportunity to learn about the organization’s work and meet with its president and founder Franco Vaccari, along with a delegation of international students.

The visit had begun through a meeting with the boys and girls of the World House student residence, from more than 15 different nationalities and from countries, regions and communities in conflict. The focus of the meeting was the Principality’s foreign policy, Prince Albert II’s activism on climate and environmental issues, and the maintenance of the Principality’s historic neutrality even in today’s increasingly unstable geopolitical environment, partly as a result of the armed conflict in Ukraine.

Today’s signing of the Leaders for Peace campaign in Monaco is another peace-building brick, aiming at the gradual extinction of war contexts from the planet through the affirmation of a new culture that unmasks the false concept of the enemy and spreads among citizens the skills to positively transform conflicts by integrating Rondine Method education with the teaching of human rights.