Leaders for Peace: Rondine students’ global campaign
Training future Leaders for Peace as a first concrete step
towards post-pandemic recovery


As the first country and government to join the Leaders for Peace campaign in 2019, Italy joins Rondine’s young students once again in further promoting the campaign and raising awareness on the training of peace leaders towards a peaceful post-pandemic recovery.


The Italian Embassy to the Holy See will thus host a presentation of the campaign to the Diplomatic Corps to the Holy See on Monday 14 June 2021, h11 CEST.


The event, organized by the Embassy of Italy to the Holy See together with Rondine Cittadella della Pace, answers the need of concrete steps towards the diffusion of a culture of peace and aims at making the voice of young people from conflict areas heard. Rondine’s young students have undergone experiences of hatred, armed conflict, the planetary deception of the “enemy”. Nonetheless, they managed to transform their conflicts, their views, through the Rondine Method. Old, existing conflicts have been apparently paused during 2020. The wider socio-economic crisis caused by the pandemic, however, currently seems to re-ignite old tensions, and new ones have appeared on the international stage.


Therefore, Rondine’s students now choose to bring their ask in front of States and governments once again by asking them to sign the Leaders for Peace campaign Appeal: a concrete step towards the training of young leaders of peace for the world, building capacity of intervention in the world’s most complex contexts; moreover, aiming at promoting the teaching of Human Rights in all national education systems, integrated with the Rondine Method on creative conflict transformation. Rondine World House’s students will be accompanied by participants to the “Opera Segno – The Mediterranean as a Frontier of Peace” project, supported by the Italian Episcopal Conference and implemented in collaboration with Caritas Italiana. Participants are expected to promote and implement social impact projects in their own local communities and dioceses, aiming at creating activism networks in the Mediterranean area.

The project represent a new step in understanding how to reinforce the campaign’s values towards a common peace effort in the construction of a sustainable, just, inclusive post-pandemic tomorrow free from armed clashes and social conflicts.

It will be possible to watch the event through live broadcast by connecting to the Facebook pages of the Embassy of Italy to the Holy See and Rondine – Cittadella della Pace.


Institutional and welcoming greetings

Pietro Sebastiani, Ambassador of Italy to the Holy See

Franco Vaccari, President and Founder, Rondine – Cittadella della Pace


Mons. Mirosław S. Wachowski, Under-Secretary, Section for Relations with States, Vatican Secretariat of State

George Poulides, Ambassador of Cyprus to the Holy See

Federico Zamora Cordero, Ambassador of Costa Rica to the Holy See

S.E. Mons. Stefano Russo, Secretary-General, Italian Episcopal Conference

Nnaemeka Phil Eke-Okocha e Sara Dukic, Rondini d’Oro (Rondine alumni)

Amira Kalem e Amina Šurković, Participants, Opera Segno – The Mediterranean as Frontier of Peace project

Stefania Mancini, Vice-President, Fondation Assistance Internationale (FAI)

Two Rondine World House students read the Leaders for Peace campaign Appeal


Patricia Thomas, AP News Correspondent, Association of the Foreign Press in Rome