Rondine Cittadella della Pace


Ambassador’s visit precedes the mission to Monte Carlo next June 27

The Ambassador of the Principality of Monaco to Italy, Anne Eastwood, visited Rondine Citadel of Peace today for the first time since her diplomatic appointment less than a year ago. The Ambassador had attended the presentation of Rondine’s social report at the Italian Chamber of Deputies in April, where she had the opportunity to meet the president and founder, Franco Vaccari, and a delegation of international students.

The visit began precisely through a meeting with the boys and girls of the World House student residence, who came from more than 15 different nationalities and from countries, regions, and communities in conflict. The focus of the meeting was on the Principality’s foreign policy, Prince Albert II’s activism on climate and environmental issues, and the preservation of Monte Carlo’s historic neutrality even in a geopolitical context now disrupted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Following the meeting, there was no shortage of convivial time with the students and the direction of Rondine.

«In the face of the multiplication of conflicts in the world, an initiative such as Rondine Citadel of Peace allows us to maintain hope that building peace is not just a concept of the past to be looked back on with nostalgia, but can still be declined to the future thanks to education, the experience of interpersonal bonding and the commitment in this direction of the younger generations», said the Ambassador at the end of the visit.

«The one with the Principality of Monaco is a friendship that has been going on for many years and we are proud to say that thanks to the support, including economic support, of the Monegasque Cooperation we have been able to host in Rondine many students from Africa and the Middle East, now engaged in important projects of social impact in their countries. A collaboration, moreover, that will be strengthened as early as next week, with the return of one of our delegations to Monte Carlo for an important meeting», said Rondine’s president and founder Franco Vaccari.

Indeed, on June 27, a Rondine Citadel of Peace delegation is expected in Monte Carlo for a high-level meeting with the Monegasque authorities as part of the global Leaders for Peace campaign promoted by Rondine’s students since 2018.

With the “Leaders for Peace” campaign, Rondine asks each United Nations member state to dedicate a symbolic amount from its defense budget to the formation of global leaders capable of intervening in the world’s major conflict contexts to promote the development of peaceful social and political relations.

Rondine also calls on each member state to incorporate human rights teaching and education into national education systems, integrating them with Rondine Method experiments on creative conflict transformation.

The goal is the gradual extinction of war contexts from the planet through the establishment of a new culture that unmasks the false concept of the enemy and spreads among citizens the skills to positively transform conflicts by integrating Rondine Method education with the teaching of human rights.